How Greenwillow & Kevin Henkes Made My 25th the Greatest EVER

This is the tale of how I received (what I’m calling) the best 25th birthday gift ever.


A huge thank you goes out to Greenwillow & Kevin’s lovely editor that made this happen. Furthermore, thank you Kevin for being kind enough to set me off in tears for a good 30 minutes in front of my coworkers.

Scene: I entered my office, telling my bosses about a dangerous situation I encountered on the freeway. My male boss gets on the phone and tells a person on the other line that I am here. When I ask what’s going on, he tells me not to leave the office. My female boss tells me that “it’s not a bad thing”…

Enter: The promotional director who hands me a package and says that it was not meant for her (we share the same name).

I open the package and it is Kevin Henkes’ latest book, Egg (out in Jan. ‘17). BUT WAIT, that is not all. Also, included was a beautiful hand written note with hand-drawn illustrations thanking me for my blog post. KEVIN was thanking ME. Then, ALL THE TEARS. Above, you can see a picture of the kindness that is Kevin, as well as my post-cry face. Enjoy.

All  in all, this is a great example of how amazing the book industry is and how kind children’s book authors are. Thank you again Kevin, for my letter and everything else. It really meant so much.