New Year, New Reads


The book that I have chosen to transition into the New Year with, isI Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman.

I have loved Gayle for so long. I read If I Stay, at the beginning of my career as a bookseller, and remember telling my best friend, "I thought I knew good books, but I didn't. THIS is a good book."

Gayle has this amazing way of writing narratives that grip your heart and keep hold of it until the last page. Sometimes that grip lasts for a while after, as readers continue thinking on her written words.

When I found out about I Have Lost My Way, I thought that that was a perfect title for beginning a new year. Specifically, 2018. Politically, this has been a hard year for a lot people, myself included. As I read this book, I am on a roadtrip with family who do not see things the same way as I. However, I realized that until I wrote the sentence above, I had been transferred to another zone while reading. I felt so light, and good and just in love, with the Gayle's characters.

I don't mean to tease, as this book isn't out until March 27th, but I hope that for those who have struggled this year, whether it be politically or otherwise, that you can start 2018 with a book that gives you these feelings. Go to your local book store and get recommendations from fellow book lovers, read reviews online or check out what your favorite authors are raving about on Twitter. Whatever you do, I wish you an amazing New Year!

And to Penguin Random House and Viking Books for Young Readers, thank you so much for sending me an early manuscript of this title. I am only halfway done and am so insanely happy.

See you in 2018!

<3 Jen in the Bookstore