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Harry Potter Spinoffs I'd Love to See

Recently, my coworkers and I have been thinking a lot about Harry Potter. With the Anniversary in July, the new Illustrated edition of Prisoner of Azkaban OUT TODAY & the illustrated Fantastic Beasts, coming later this year...it seems we were all struck with Potter brain. snitch

That being said, we have come up with some EPIC spinoff ideas, that I would love to see come to life.

1. SOME BELLATRIX GOODNESS. We were thinking that MAYBE, we could see a series based on her childhood-how she grew up, what it was like having Narcissa as a sister, see what her parents were like...and maybe see baby Sirius?? They were cousins after all.

-If that doesn't go over, we also thought that Bellatrix coming back as the new "dark lord" could be cool as well. She was so devoted to Voldemort, that perhaps she discovered how to make a horcrux. Maybe she comes back after Cursed Child and kidnaps Scorpius...


2. Speaking of that family...what about a MALFOY spinoff? Draco Malfoy, specifically. What happened in the years between the Battle of Hogwarts and book 8? How did he feel? How did he take his upbringing & his experiences and then raise his own child? What does a "normal day" in his life look like?


3. WEASLEY'S WIZARD WHEEZES meets PARKS & REC. Can you even imagine? This would of course be pre-book 7. It might even have to take place in an alternate reality, where Voldemort isn't a thing. It would be funny & glorious!

weasley bros.gif

4. A MARAUDERS teen show. I'm thinking in the same vein of Twin Peaks or RiverdaleI see Sirius, James, Lupin & Peter, running around, causing trouble, and helping each other through their life moments, i.e. Lupin's transformations. It would also be cool to see more background regarding how/why they treated Snape the way that they did, or if the flashbacks we read/saw weren't as exact as we have been taught to believe.


5. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AS A GROWN UP HARRY POTTER. I don't know how & I don't know why, but I just need to see it. I feel like everyone needs to see it.


6. An ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, AZKABAN show. I feel like that is all I need to say.


7. A FOUNDERS OF HOGWARTS reality show. Think Real Housewives but Hogwarts Founders. If not a reality show, a sort of documentary, where we can see people like Bathilda Bagshot, Dumbledore, and others, talk about their lives. We could even see some ghosts, like Nearly Headless Nick or Helena Ravenclaw tell some stories. Again, this documentary would have to be earlier in the book series' timeline.


So what do you all think? Do you like these ideas? Do you have more to add? Post your ideas in the comments. I would love to hear them!

Also, shout out to my co-workers Ani & Max for their ideas!

<3 Jen in the Bookstore