book selling

My Career as a Bookseller


A little more about me: I started my book selling career at the age of 19. I am now 24. When I started, I was fresh out of high school and had just entered my first semester of college. I had only read young adult books in high school, or classics that were assigned reading. I started at Vroman’s as a cashier, and was one for 9 months. Then I was stolen by the Children’s Department. I discovered that most of my job was hand selling books to kids and their parents. Pretty soon there were repeat customers and my recommendation list had to grow to keep up with them. Because of this, I ended up only reading children’s books (ages 0-18), until about three months ago. I HAD TO. I needed the knowledge that came from reading from multiple age groups and talking to so many kids and their parents, and I had it.

Flash forward to about 3 months ago, when I got a job as an assistant to the book buyers. Suddenly, I needed to know about adult books. I could count the number of adult books that I had read…it was sad. The book knowledge that I was so proud of having, didn’t spread to this new world.

SO, here’s what I have been doing:

I have an app called OVERDRIVE which is a God send. I have been finding and downloading audio books of adult titles that look interesting. So far I have listened to:

-All The Single Ladies

-The Girl on the Train

-Modern Romance

-Vinegar Girl

& am currently listening to, A Man Called Ove.

Slowly but surely. So, my question to you guys is, what adult titles have you read that you feel are amazing?? Let me know! I would love some feedback. It will only help me in my career.  Thanks so much and happy reading!