Have You Seen Our Voman's Hastings Ranch Store?


I had the pleasure of working a shift at our Hastings Ranch store, a couple of weeks ago. I had been sent in to pull returns from their coloring book section and then be on my merry way. However, what I thought was going to be a couple hours, turned into a very eye opening day of fun.

For six years, I have worked at the main Vroman's location. Prior to that, as a customer I would visit the Hastings ranch location often (it was closer to my house), but after becoming an employee at the main store, I didn't visit much. My thought process was, why go there if I have the same things (if not more), at my store. Right?? WRONG.

Working that shift two weeks ago, made me notice a few things that brightened my whole day. First, it truly has the feel of an indie bookstore. From walls being covered with book pages, to a high shelf (that nobody could possibly reach) with "Books For Tall People". The decor just made me smile inside. It is the kind of store that makes you feel at home and just comfortable being there.

Second, the people that work there work extremely hard. I am not saying that the people at the main store don't, it's just different. At the main store, because it is so big, there are multiple departments, with their own managers and supervisors. At Hasting's, it is small enough that EVERYONE does EVERYTHING. There is no Kid's Department or Card & Gift Department. Every single person is a receiver, a shelver, a cashier, etc. They have to be knowledgeable about everything in their entire store. It is just so impressive. I knew this was the case, but seeing it in action for a whole day, really brought it to light. I am so proud to know the ladies AND ONE GUY  (shout out to Tim), who work there.

Another thing, I love about our Hastings Ranch store, is the decor that surrounds the end cap displays and store windows. Did I mention that not only are the employees at Hastings extremely capable, but they are artistically talented as well??! They constantly surprise me with their abilities. From orbs above the registers, to a hand painted sleigh and reindeer, it is really a sight to see. They put so much time and energy into making it a beautiful place for customers.

I guess the last thing I have to say, is that going there is a very personal experience. The employees not only share their book recommendations, but their pets (see above photos) and their new nerdy obsessions. I can tell you with certainty that I will be visiting their store a lot more often. I fell in love with this store that day, a few weeks ago, and think that in one entrance and time speaking with their staff, you will too. <3


Photo credit for front view of store: Russell Gearhart

All other photos were sent to me by the lovely, Hastings Ranch Store Manager, Danielle.

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SCIBA Children's Breakfast 2016

Here is a photo from this mornings loot! All of these incredible authors gave amazing speeches, talking about their careers thus far. Their were tears and laughs all around. Some were heartbreaking and others clever. I was so impressed and touched.






I hope you get a chance to check out these books as well as meet these incredible authors some day!