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Stars of the Season 2016


Every Christmas the Children's Dept. compiles a list of their favorite titles of 2016. These are separated by age group and displayed with star bookmarks listing the title and age range of the book.  In doing this, it makes for easy shopping for Christmas gifts. However, it also helps me remember books that I loved throughout the year, and may have forgotten. Seeing them every day brings so much joy to my heart. 

Some, are so new that I still haven't read them! This makes for a good list of titles for future reading. After all, my peers loved them, so they HAVE to be good. 

Mostly, the Stars of the Season remind me to be thankful for books-thankful they still exist in print, thankful for the job they provide me with, and thankful for the authors that wrote them and the publishers who published them. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow, and has time to enjoy a new book during a moment of quietness. Wishing you all the best!