Good Afternoon Green Brothers, it's Tuesday!


Good Afternoon Green Brothers, it's Tuesday! For those of you who are not John or Hank, Tuesdays are the best days! This is not only because there is normally a new vlogbrother video to view, but ALSO because it is NEW RELEASE DAY! Speaking of New Release Days, there is one in October, that the entire Vroman's Staff is SUPER EXCITED for: October 10th!

Why? Because John Green's new book, Turtles All The Way Down will be out! Here is a summary taken from the Penguin Random House website:

About a month ago, the Children's Staff (including Manager, Ashlee) and I were asked to come up with John Green event ideas to promote this new story. We were thrilled! However, this event, or series of events would be Green-less. Still, we were eager to celebrate our Lead Nerdfighter!

THEN, our Promotions Director said that she was going to try to get an event with not just one Green Brother, but BOTH! Hi Hank! It was then, that we knew we needed to do something extra special.

Children's bookseller, Emily, and I decided to make two tribute videos (in a vlogbrother-like fashion). Below you will find: one in their normal (but way less professional, & sorry about that awful freeze frame!) style, and one in their "Thoughts From Places" style.

John, Hank, (& everyone else) I hope you enjoy!!


Homes: A History & a Place Called Vroman's Bookstore

[wpvideo FAzoa03A]


& Thoughts From Places:Quiet Contemplation in a Pasadena Landmark

[wpvideo CxxRmaRS]


John, Hank, we would LOVE it if you make Vroman's a stop on your tour. Vroman's means so much to us, and we think that you both would love it too.

If not, we hope that you will visit us one day! Here's wishing you both much success in all you do!

<3 Jen In the Bookstore & the Children's Department Staff (probably MOST of our staff actually)


**AlSO, you can pre-order (while supplies last) a signed copy of Turtles All the Way Down, here!**