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Birthday Greetings


I don't know about you, but February and March are birthday heavy in my life. It seems like every week, held a close friend or family member's special day. I had about 5 per month. Now that March is finally coming to a close, let's talk about the one thing that makes every gift stand out-YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD SELECTION! My problem was not finding a good option, but rather finding a card in the swarms of good ones. Vroman's does not lack in cute cards. Below you will find my tough choices, when selecting the perfect card for my BFF.

Option 1 & 2:

I loved these cards, both by sugar.paper, because they reminded me of memories that I had had with her. Doesn't the first one scream, Mean Girls?? I guess the Mean Girls line had the word, "really" in the middle, but still. I remember quoting that movie throughout high school and thought it would be a nice choice. The second one, is actually a phrase that my group and I use quite often, when we are trying to boost ourselves up, or just showing each other love. That is what made that card an equally compelling pick.

Option 3 & 4:

These are just so great. I love the attitude that came with them. These are both by Emily McDowell, who I admire so much because of what I call her, "cancer cards". See what I am talking about HERE. If you don't want to click on the link, just know that she writes great cards that are as supportive as they are honest. There is no beating around the bush with Emily.

Options 5 & 6:

I picked these because I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. I honestly think they can do no wrong when it comes to design. Every card is gorgeous! The first one I picked because she loves to travel. The second, because I love Parks and Rec and it reminded me of Treat Yo Self Day! 

Option 7, 8 & 9:

Now these three, I chose for their hilarity alone. I love a good pun anyday. And the taco one? It speaks the truth. These are all made by Turtle's Soup. If that isn't a great name for a company, I don't know what is. 

And FINALLY Option 10:

This beautiful, beautiful card, was made by, Black Lab Studio. They had lots of amazing cards as well, but this one, like the one above, just struck me. If you couldn't tell from my other selections, I value honesty. And honestly speaking, there's nothing I'd rather do than eat tacos with my best friend. 


which card did I end up picking???

These two! I actually ended giving the Turtle's Soup Kraken card to my brother (I mentioned there were a lot of birthdays going on right?). Then I picked the Emily McDowell Age card for my BFF! 

If you can't read what it says, it states:

""Happy Birthday! 

Welcome to the age where some people are like

"Hi, this is my Husband!"

And we are like

"How did I lose one of my shoes last night?""

As 25 year olds, I felt it was so genuine to how we are feeling at this time in our lives. We are attending weddings and our friends are having babies (literally, one just told us she was preggo). Meanwhile, we are just trying our best to LIVE. I love that this card kinda just got that. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings at least a little, and will stop by Vroman's for your next celebration!


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