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Fave Fridays!-Adult Edition

Hi friends! It’s Friday! That means it’s time for round two of Fave Fridays!

This week, I will be giving shout outs to all of my favorite picks for adults! I hope you like them. I know I said last week that there would be a shorter list, but I already had this post ready to go…so, next week, I promise!

Also, I posted two pictures, displayed differently, so that 1) you can see everything &  2) so that it features different books/items. Enjoy!


Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle, $15.00

If the title didn’t get you, the content will. Tim takes classic book titles, pairs them with a alcoholic beverage, and shakes everything up! What comes out of it a hilarious cocktail recipe book for book nerds & wannabe book nerds, alike!


Lonely Planet Volunteer, $19.99

I found this book while looking for the perfect gift for my best friend’s graduation. My friend is kind of a wild child adventurer, who is all about traveling and working to help out different people and communities. I asked my boss if she had any recommendations, and she pointed me to the Lonely Planet website. As soon as I saw this book, it was meant to be. It is filled with 130 countries to visit, tips from volunteering experts and ways to raise money, to get to where you want to go. My best friend loved it, and I’m sure someone in your life will too.


Lonely Planet Best Ever Travel Tips, $9.99

This was actually another gift that I picked out for my friend’s graduation. I was instantly pleased to see that it was small and had all the information I wanted in a travel book: it was illustrated (a must), it was easy to read, aka the layout was pleasing to the eye, and had insider secrets, that got to the basics of what I would need to bring, wear, etc.


Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, $17.00

I’m sorry, have you not heard of Ansari?? Read that last question quick, it sounds cool, at least in my head. *goes and hides from inner dorkiness* In all honesty though, I feel like Aziz would like that joke. I digress. This book was amazing. It was funny, felt thoroughly researched and was fresh. In it, Aziz points out how romance has changed over time, how men and women react to different situations and discusses studies that him and his partner did, while researching this book. I loved the detail, as well as the personal touches (jokes) he put into it.


Arrow Boxed Notes, $16.95

I actually own these right now. They are super cute notecards, and are great for people who don’t want to write a lot, but want to feel like they filled the whole card.


Have a Little Pun Notecards, $14.95

If you didn’t like my Ansari joke earlier, you probably won’t like these cards. Each card comes with a super COOL pun, which will make any recipient smile.


Letters to My Future Self, $14.95

Like I said in my previous post, I suck at coming up with prompts or things to write about. I love that this book does that for me. Every prompt is something that I would love to read the answer to in 10-15 years. ALSO, when looking this up right now to get the price, I noticed that it was an OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS PICK for 2015. Yup that’s right, Oprah and I are twinsies. I feel like I could die this second and be content. Also, if you think I’m being dramatic…my page title is, Confessions of a STARSTRUCK Bookseller. It was for a reason.


Little World of Liz Climo, $14.00

Also, like I said in my kids post, I am in love with everything Liz Climo does. This book is filled with many of her adorable comics, you see online. It is also one of my favorite gifts to give people.


All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister, $27.00

This book is sort of comparable to Aziz’s Modern Romance. It goes over how single women have been viewed across history. I really enjoyed it because A) I am single and B) it repeated what I already knew, which was that, that was okay.


Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, $25.00

I have been trying to read more adult books lately (I have worked in the Children’s Dept for the last 4+ years and have only been reading those titles to recommend them) and chose this as one of my first. I really, really enjoyed it. I guess it is a retelling of the Taming of the Shrew, which I have never read or seen. When I looked it up online, I saw that that tale had a lot of controversy for being anti-feminist. I do not feel that that is the case with this book. The main character has full control over her life, and navigates it with wit and attitude.


Pilot G2 Pens, $2.95 each

These are my all time favorite pens. We have a whole pen department at my store, but even with all of the beautiful fancy pens-these still come out at the top for me.


4 in 1 Adapter by Flight 001, $26.95

This adapter is amazing. I have yet to try it, but in reading all the sides of the multi-colored box, I don’t see how it could not be. This adapter lets you plug in your technology in 150 different countries!


Le Pen, $2.95 each

I know we already talked about my favorite G2 pens, but these Le Pens are fantastic for their colors! I posted 4 here, but there are many more. I use these mostly for our store shelf talkers and they work fantastically.

Getting to the end of this list was so much easier than the last one! I guess, it was a little shorter, phew!

I hope you found something that looked interesting, or a note that made you laugh-if not at my humor, at how lame I can be!

Until next time,


Fave Fridays!-Kid's Edition

Fave Fridays!- Kid’s Edition

What they are-

It’s pretty simple, really. Every Friday (hopefully) I will share some of my favorite things that I find in the bookstore! *


Clifford T Shirt, $23.95

How adorable is this tee from Out of Print Clothing?!

Grilled Cheese Mini Squishable, $22.95

I literally don’t know what to say other than, LOOK AT IT.

Pusheen Sunglasses Backpack Clip, $11.95

Anything having to do with Pusheen is gold to me.

Red Pyramid Audiobook, $14.99

Hands down this is the best audio book, i have ever listened to. First of all, the book is written as recorded messages, left by siblings. Second, the narrators are Katherine freaking Kellgren & Kevin R. Free. Do you know how many awards Katherine has?! Amazing.

Letters to My Baby, $14.95

I have never been great at coming up with ideas for writing. I was instantly obsessed with this book, featuring short letters with prompts that you can write at anytime for your child.

Are We There Yet, $17.99

Anything Dan Santat illustrates is amazing. However, this is his newest, which he has illustrated and written! Long car rides be damned! This book is the epitome of adventure and fun, while the main character finds new ways to deal with a long road trip to his grandmother’s.

Rory The Dinosaur Wants a Pet, $16.99

Liz Climo is another fave! I swear everything she writes adorable and hilarious. In this new tale, Rory wants to find the perfect pet, No spoilers, but the ending left me with all the happy feels.

The Night Gardener, $17.99

Could the Fan Brothers be any more talented?! The first thing I said after reading this book, was that it deserved a Caldecott. I still stand by this statement.

Little Grumpy Cat That Wouldn’t, $4.99

OMG. I found this book on the shelves last week and it instantly had my heart. Grumpy Cat is my close friends and I in a nutshell. Now it is in Golden Book form!

Cool Like Snoopy, $6.99

Messy Like PigPen, $6.99

Do Your Happy Dance, $7.99

I am going to talk about all three Peanuts books above together. How cool is it, that after all these years, the Peanuts have made it to board books? Live on Peanuts gang, live on! Side Note: I have always wanted to be Lucy in her little psych booth for Halloween. Maybe this year?

642 Things to Write About, $16.95

Like I said earlier, I suck at coming up with writing prompts. I know kids sometimes struggle too. This book is perfect to get little minds thinking. Each page has either writing prompts for short stories, or drawing prompts. I love it, and it was my pick for the holidays, last Christmas.

Heads Up Psychology, $15.99

Not gonna lie, even though, I was a Psych major, I am very forgetful. This book reminds me of all my favorite psych theories and theorists! Also, DK is one of my favorite publishing companies.

Moone Boy, $7.99

Have you seen the show??? If not, go watch episode 1 on Hulu. It’s weird and awkward and everything I love. This book, is that show in a book. It is about a boy who lives in a family full of girls. He adorably tries to get through life with his IF (Imaginary Friend).

Princess in Black, $6.99

This was an instant fave for two little girls I babysat last summer. It is about a princess, who also has a secret identity as a monster hunter!

Princess in Black 1-3 Audiobook, $15.00

This is the audiobook of books 1-3 in the Princess in Black series.

Chomp Dinosaur Plush, $25.95

When our merch buyer brought these into the store, I died. Okay, not really, but aren’t they so cute?? There are two others, not pictured here, that are equally as cute. Each one has weighted legs and is extremely soft.  Come in and check them out!

Harry Potter Puzzles: Enchanted Car Puzzle & Rescue of Sirius Puzzle, $9.95 each

Featuring OG Harry Potter art, these mini puzzles are perfect for times of boredom or quick family fun. Buy two and challenge someone else to a speed puzzle finishing contest!

That’s all for now! Sorry for the super long list! I didn’t realize how much stuff I had, until I had to list it all. Next week will be shorter. Enjoy & see you next Friday!

<3 Jen

* All prices listed are those from Vroman’s