New Merchandise That I AM IN LOVE WITH


I'm so sorry for not posting for so long! I have been spending a lot of time with my family, and have even gone on a few trips! The good thing about not being able to post, is that now, I have so much to show you all! I have beem walking around the store for the past few days and have noticed some AMAZING merchandise that is worth of mention.  Up first?

This super cute unicorn mug! It includes a stirring spoon and made me burst out loud in delight, when I saw it. A customer, a row away, agreed that I needed it ASAP. (17.99)

Next, we have this adorable pineapple pouch! A must, for any loose change! Speaking of loose can use it to buy this pouch...and then hold your receipt?? Sorry for the bad jokes! 😂 (16.99)

We also have these adorable patches that just came in, by Meri Meri. Doesn't the neon glow of them, just make you happy inside?? (8.99 each)

For you caffeine addicts, I found the perfect mug for your morning cup! (14.95)

Any Friends fans out there? Here is the perfect print for you. (23.99)

Anyone you can't stand to be without? This would be a perfect gift. (12.95)

If you are like me, you have a ton of photos. This organizer can keep your photos neat amd displayed! (28.99)

The Kid's Department just got these Pocket Games & Coloring sheets that are perfect for travel! (10.99)

The same company came out with these super cute Pocket Maps! (10.99)

Not enough Pineapple in your life? Try this Pineapple Squishable!!! (You better believe that I will be taking one home soon) (48.99)

I actually just bought one of these in turquoise! The brand is called Corkcicle and keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot for an extended period of time. (Prices vary)

As I mentioned, I've been traveling A LOT. This pizza luggage tag would be the perfect traveling partner! (8.99)

I am obsessed with this next item. Who can say no to this metallic cactus planner! It is multipurpose, with lined pages, but also dates at the top that can be filled in for a DIY bullet journal, or anything else of your choosing! The beautiful bookseller, Leticia (Mama Swag) is your hand model for this one. (Sorry guys, I forgot to get a price for this one!)

There's even note cards to match! (hand model, Natalie/ notecards, 13.99) 

I loved these, because they reminded me so much of a scene from the movie, Mean Girls. Natalie, is once again being an amazing model for these super endearing notecards. (12.00)

Natalie is holding new Alice in Wonderland prints by Rifle Paper! I was so excited when the book came out (with the Rifle Paper cover) and was equally excited to see these prints on display in our Pen and Stationary Dept. (27.99)

One of the last things I want to show you guys is this mini pinata! Isn't it adorable?? It is sure to enhance any co-worker's office birthday party. (19.99) 

This mug is sure to bring a smile to your work day...especially when you are struggling. Plus, it's multi-sided! Sorry the second picture is a bit blurry. (hand model, Hannah) (17.95)

And finally, this amazing catcher's oven mit! (12.99)

I hope you guys loved these merch items as much as I did! Come by the store and see them in person!